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High school is a crucial period marked by academic choices, extracurricular opportunities, and post-graduation uncertainties. Waukegan High School's counselors play a vital role in guiding students. This essay explores their essential contributions in shaping students' experiences. Counselors empower students with guidance, support, and personalization, making dreams attainable as they embark on their high school journey.

The Role of the Counselor: Waukegan High School's counselors fulfill multiple roles that empower students.

High School Planning: They help students create a customized four-year plan aligned with their interests and goals, ensuring informed course selections.

Life After High School: Counselors provide guidance on college, careers, and alternative paths, helping students make informed decisions.

Individualized Planning: Recognizing each student's uniqueness, counselors offer personalized guidance, adapting to evolving aspirations.

Ongoing Support: They remain a steady presence, adjusting their guidance to meet students' changing needs throughout high school.

Guidance Curriculum by Year: The guidance curriculum adapts to students' evolving needs.

Freshman Year:
Emphasis on building a strong academic foundation.
Crafting a four-year plan.
Exploring extracurricular opportunities.
Discovering unique interests and potential career paths.

Sophomore Year:
Strengthening the academic program.
Delving deeper into career exploration.
Fostering self-esteem and confidence.

Junior Year:
Focusing on career planning.
Exploring post-high school options.
Eligibility for college entrance exams (ACT and SAT).

Senior Year:
Individual conferences in the fall to discuss post-high school plans. 

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