Graduation Requirements

Reviewed and revised:
December 13, 2022, effective July 1, 2023

To graduate from Waukegan High School, your child needs to:
Earn Credits: They must earn at least seventeen (17) credits (starting 2028-2029, it's nineteen (19)), by completing required courses and participating in other activities.
Pass the Constitution Exam.
Take State Assessments: Unless exempt, they need to take these exams.
Complete Financial Aid Forms: They must fill out the FAFSA or a state aid application, or submit a waiver signed by you, unless exempt.
Earning 0.5 credits per semester, your child doesn’t need a specific score on state assessments to graduate.

Credit Distribution:
Language Arts: 4 credits (2020-2028 and 2028 or later)
Mathematics: 3 credits (2020-2028 and 2028 or later)
Laboratory Science: 3 credits (2020-2028 and 2028 or later)
Social Studies: 2 credits (2020-2028 and 2028 or later)
Electives: 2 credits (2020-2028 and 2028 or later)
Foreign Language: 2 credits (2028 or later)
Optional/Required: 3.0 credits (2020-2028 and 2028 or later)

Apart from credit-related courses, your child must enroll in Freshman Seminar and other mandatory courses throughout high school.

Modifications of Graduation or Required Course Requirements:
Students with Disabilities: Graduation requirements can be modified based on your child’s disability.
Physical Education: Participation in substitute courses can fulfill PE requirements.
Transfer Students: The Superintendent may adjust requirements for transfer students, especially those from military families.

Senior Year:
Students moving into the district in their senior year may transfer earned credits back to their previous school for graduation.

Early Graduation:
Students meeting graduation requirements may apply for early graduation.

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